Groot in control

In 2014, I started as freelance finance professional, a longtime wish that became reality. With more than 20 years of business experience and professional education, I can benefit your company to become more in control and to improve performance.
My extensive technical knowledge and experience completed with my personal skills make the ideal combination to deliver high quality service.
Even though I have years of experience, I am always looking for a challenge to better myself.
To ensure continuous top performance, I will invest in courses and educations that keep myself up to date with the latest developments to improve continuously in what I do and what I like doing.
To summarize: Being in control of myself and my company, enables me to improve yours – Groot In Control.

Down to earth, family man helping companies stand out of the crowd using my knowledge and experience.

Personal capabilities to make the difference

•    Critical understanding and improving business operations – You can not improve what you don´t understand
•    Effective Communications – Communication makes the difference between success and failure
•    Strategic and analytical thinker – Long term goals should help structure short term actions
•    Teamplayer – Alone you might go faster, but together you come much further
•    Hands-on approach – Ideas are simple to create, successfull execution needs other attention

  • Relevant references

    Technical skills alone are worth only a penny, together with the right soft skills they can make a fortune.
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    Of course, I am more than willing to provide you with additional information and /or meet face to face to discuss potential collaboration.
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  • Meet face to face to discuss potential collaboration?

    Advise only has added value, if it can and will be implemented successfully